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Sambungan pipa HDPE diruang pompa Gelanggang Samudra Ancol

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Spool pipe HDPE untuk pertambangan siap diangkut

Harga pipa HDPE Wavin Oktober 2013

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Rudy Permadi
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What is PE Pipe?

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High-Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE or PE Pipe) is made from ethylene, which can be derived from either crude oil or natural gas. PE pipe is extremely strong, durable, flexible, corrosion free and chemical resistant. These features make it perfect for a variety of underground conditions and help it last up to 100 years. The smooth walls allow for less friction, which increase flow through the same diameter as that of other pipes.

When installed, the pipe is joined by a heat fusion process, which prevents leakage. By using PE pipe, municipalities save a vast amount of water and reduce repair rates. This translates into a significant cost savings for the life of the pipe. PE pipe can carry potable water, wastewater, chemicals, hazardous wastes and compressed gases. PE is the preferred piping material for natural gas distribution because there is no tolerance for leaks and no worries about corrosion.

PE pipe and Chili's earthquake

 This subduction zone earthquake seriously impacted the City of Concepcion, with a population over 1,300,000 people. The water system in this city had not been designed for earthquakes. Strong ground shaking and liquefaction damaged the city's only water treatment plant. Liquefaction damaged many of the larger diameter steel transmission pipelines. Liquefaction damaged many distribution water pipelines (about 3,000 total).

Water outages to customers were lengthy, over a month to some customers. Even so, there was some good news: Essbio (the water system operator) had been installing HDPE pipe in its water distribution system for about a decade prior to the earthquake; while the rest of the water system suffered thousands of damaged pipes, no HDPE pipe was damaged.

This earthquake also shook a wide area of Chile, much of it rural/farming. Over the prior decade, the central government of Chile had installed 2,000 small wells – water tank systems for these small farming communities (typical population of 100 people or fewer). A standardized type elevated steel tank design was used throughout the country.

Unfortunately, the design was insufficient for strong ground shaking, and at least 73 of these elevated steel tanks collapsed, sometimes causing fatalities. The restoration of water service after the earthquake was seriously slowed down by the failure of the regional power supply and communication networks (cell phones). 

The water companies had learned to use cell phones as their primary method for voice communication. Primarily because of the failure of the widespread cell phone system, restoration efforts were delayed by a few days.

There were two fire ignitions requiring fire department response after the earthquake; there was no fire spread. The damage to the water system had no impact on the outcomes of these fires.

Conclusion: Better using PE pipe compare to others.

Rudy Permadi
0816 877 518, 021 710 76 744

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Link website kami..... just info

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Rudy Permadi
PT. Warga Teknik Mekanika

Phones: 062 0816 877 518, 021 710 76 744
Faxs: 062 21 849 98 927
Jatibening, Bekasi Selatan 17412,
Jawa Barat, Indonesia
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PIPA SPOOL HDPE memiliki standard yang didasarkan oleh:
  1. Jenis pipa HDPE yang digunakan
  2. Stub end dan flange yang dipakai

Mari kita ulas satu persatu.

1. Pipa HDPE yang digunakan:

  • Panjang setiap batang ?
  • PN dan SDR pipa ?
  • Apakah memenuhi standard SNI ?

2. Stub end dan flange:

  • PN dan SDR stub end harus sama atau lebih besar dari PN pipa
  • Backing ring memiliki standar apa ? Bisa ANSI, JIS atau PN.

Ada yang kurang jelas ?


Rudy Permadi
0816 877 518, 021 710 76 744

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SPOOL PIPE HDPE yang sudah siap dikirim ada kalanya dimuat dalam kontainer agar pengirimannya lebih mudah. Pemuatan pipa kedalam kontainer membutuhkan keahlian tersendiri, karenanya bisa cepat di loading sesuai jadwal.

Beberapa hal yang perlu diperhatikan dalam loading spool pipe ke dalam container adalah sebagai berikut:
  • Ukuran maksimum panjang spool pipe adalah 5,8m untuk kontainer 20feet dan 11,8m untuk kontainer 40feet.
  • Karena kontainer berada diatas truk, maka agar memudahkan loading perlu menggunakan tangga atau dudukan yang sesuai dengan tinggi kontainer. Bisa juga menggunakan tumpukan pipa agar mudah (lihat gambar di atas)
  • Didalam kontainer sudah siap crew yang akan mengatur posisi pipa agar masuk dengan sempurna dan tidak ada ruang yang terbuang percuma.
  • Posisi pipa harus diatur sedemikian rupa dan berguna untuk menghemat ruang.

Rudy Permadi
0816 877 518, 021 710 76 744

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Pipa HDPE WAVIN untuk spool pipe banyak diminati karena:
  • Mudah dipasang di lapangan
  • Harga kompetitif
  • Memenuhi standard SNI

Pembuatan spool pipe adalah sebagai berikut:

  • Sediakan pipa polos HDPE WAVIN
  • Siapkan stub end UNIPLAST yang sesuai dengan PN pipa atau lebih besar
  • Siapkan BACKING RING sesuai standard dan OD pipa nya.
  • Siapkan mesin BUTT FUSION untuk penyambungan pipa dan stub end
  • Posisi backing ring sudah didalam badan stub end
  • Selesai


Rudy Permadi
0816 877 518, 021 710 76 744

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Spool Pipe HDPE Wavin | Pipa Spool HDPE Wavin

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Pipa HDPE Spool WAVIN OD 315 PN 10 SDR 17 Panjang 6m


Pipa spool HDPE banyak digunakan di pertambangan. Pipa spool HDPE adalah pipa HDPE yang kedua ujungnya menggunakan stub end dan flange. Penyambungan pipa spool menggunakan mur baut dan ring. Penyambungan antar pipa menggunakan flange to flange join.

Panjang pipa spool HDPE ada yang 6 meter dan ada juga yang 12 meter. Kedua ujungnya dilas stub end dan dipasang flange (backing ring). Penyambungan antara pipa spool disebut flange to flange join.
Diameter yang paling sering digunakan adalah mulai dari diameter 110mm hingga 315mm. Terbanya adalah pipa spool HDPE diameter 6inch atau 160mm.

Backing ring yang digunakan ada beberapa standard, hal ini membedakannya adalah letak lubangnya. Ada standard ANSI (American Standard), JIS (Japan Industrial Standard), ISO (International Standard Organization) atau sering juga disebut standard PN.

Untuk Mining (pertambangan), pipa HDPE banyak digunakan untuk DEWATERING. Dewatering adalah memindahkan genangan air agar tambang dapat di explorasi.Pipa HDPE yang digunakan adalah spool pipe HDPE, yaitu pipa HDPE yang kedua ujungnya dipasangkan stub end flange.

Pipa HDPE Wavin OD 315mm PN 10 SDR 17
Backing ring Galvanis

Stub End HDPE OD 315mm PN 10 SDR 17

Pipa Spool HDPE WAVIN... siap dikirim

Untuk order pipa spool HDPE Wavin, silakan hubungi:

Rudy Permadi
0816 877 518
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